The Elite Four – Pokemon Fire Red’s Bosses

Players Of all Pokemon Fire Red gets booted up and irked the maximum when it’s time to face the Elite Four. Technically, they are the last directors of this game pokemon fire red download. Once you defeat them, you will be declared as champion. However, it takes a good deal of groundwork, skill, and plan to conquer them. This guide will tell you more about the Elite Four, that you will need to deal with.


Lorelei Are the first of the Elite Four, you will encounter in the game. Her Pokemons are warm water kinds so you can use an electric type Pokemon to beat her.


Bruno Has a great deal of Fighting type Pokemons. Your best bet is to confront him with a flying or psychic types. However, he also possesses an Onyx that may counter flying type attacks so once Onyx is from the match, utilize a water or grass type Pokemon.


Agatha’s Pokemons have a weakness: Religious type Pokemons. But she has three ghosts kind Pokemons that can withstand psychic type Pokemons so it is best to use also a Pokemon with a Safeguard.


Lance Always begins with the Pokemon that has a weakness to electricity so use electric kind Pokemons in the very first round.


side Blue always starts the game Pidgeot, Alakazam, and Rhydon.

Once He will then cause you to the Hall of Fame in which you’ll be announced because the League Champion of pokemon fire red download.

Take Note that your Pokemon should be level 45 and high until you proceed to facing the Elite Four. Difficult them with lower-level Pokemon will only lead to failure. Ensure you bring a lot of Revives, Total Heals, and Total Restores.