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Allstate Arena, obtaining a ticket to the concert is worth all your money. A genius notion of putting live renditions of the series’ moments, the Game of Thrones Live concert has been vouched by enthusiasts for the terrific time it offers to spectators. The set up is determined by a 360 degree platform which has symmetrical platforms in different sides to have a more interactive wall.


A popular performer in the world of Reggae, J Balvin has successfully striked the audio industry which led to him being on top graphs all the time. Marketing himself as a guy who is known for his diverse sense of style, J Balvin has become a considerable figure in the music business for his label of songs. Expertise his prosperity of songs while he is on tour this year at Allstate Arena on October 12.


An American rock band who has Improvised the influences of different genres of music, Phish was notable for his favorite releases during the last couple of years. This class has a heritage as it has embodied the soul of this current generation who enjoys music.

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